<strong>Lower Your Utility Bills in Less Than Half a Day</strong>

Lower Your Utility Bills in Less Than Half a Day

You can lower your utility bills in less than half a day. How? Have spray foam insulation installed in your attic. Florida’s heat can seem relentless, but you can beat it by having your attic insulated.

A larger house may take a little more than six hours, but most homes require just half a day of spraying to completely insulate. Spray foam format lets you get in the nooks and crannies of the home without having to remove any wallboard. You simply spray it from above or within the room in the cases of an unfinished attic.

Using the recommended thickness of six to 10 inches for application in an attic, your utility bills can quickly undergo a plummet in cost. That’s because the foam encloses every area and blocks out any air leakage.

Blown-in insulation does cost a little more to have applied, but it functions best. That’s because it can get to areas that fiberglass batting can’t, and it firmly closes every leak. Polyurethane foam insulation lasts 80 to 100 years in an indoor application.

You can even improve the energy efficiency and cooling of your home’s roof deck and deck. Spraying the roof and the underside of the deck keeps these surfaces cooler and that results in improved use. This outdoor application lasts about 30 years.